Stratton & Oakland


Investment and financial management

financial flows
investment risks
Investment project brokerage and custom high-profit investment projects

“The goal of retirement is to live off your assets-not on them””

Frank Eberhart

Crisis management & Corporate Wars

Collaboration with government security organizations
Information collection
and analysis
Data leak
detection and prevention

“In controversies it is same as in war, the weaker side burns fires and makes strong noise,
to maket he enemy think that they are stronger, than they really are…”

SWIFT Jonathan

Corporative security

IT security
IT security incident
investigation and cleanup
Establishing efficient corporate and personal information security

“Rule No. 1 : Never lose money.
Rule No. 2 : Never forget Rule No. 1.”

Warren Buffett

Trust services

Asset Management
Long-term trust services
for respectable customers

“Financial markets can not properly take into account the future —
they do not take into account the future at all, they help to shape it…”

George Soros

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